Introducing the Literacy Pod

The Speed Of Comprehension

How many times have you had to read something more than once to get the concept of what the author is trying to convey? Even the most prolific "speed reader", if he has to scan the same text over and over and over again, is slowed to the crawl of the average reader by this phenomenon.

Have you had to look up a words only to find that you "knew" that word, you just did not recognize it written?

The same phenomenon that may cause you to "repeat read" is to a greater or lesser degree the phenomenon that causes illiteracy for others. It also causes slow comprehension, reduced reading speed, impaired spelling skills, etc.

Introducing the Literacy Pod™

The state-of-the-art in literacy technology: if you can count to 70 this device will teach you to read, write and spell English using 26-44-70 Technology™ (26 letters, 44 sounds, and 70 ways to write those sounds).

The Literacy Pod is a dedicated audio and video player containing comprehensive systematic phonics programs: Action Reading Fundamentals and Power Spelling.

Because this is a "Self Directed Learning Program" people can handle themselves...

We Can Teach "Johnny" to Read and Spell No Matter How Old He Is

More and more parents and adult learners are turning to home-based self-teaching courses to supplement what they and/or their children are not getting in the school system or through other forms of group instruction. This is especially true of reading as too many school systems have turned away from phonics based reading instruction to other methods that have proven ineffective!

The previous President poured billions of dollars and...

It's In Code!

English is 97% phonetic. You cannot read or spell well if you do not know the code: the 26 letters, 44 sounds and the 70 ways to write those sounds. That's all there is to it. There is one surefire way to get that code down, Action Reading Fundamentals.

Action Reading Fundamentals is an intensive systematic phonics program designed to teach reading, improve comprehension, spelling and penmanship. (Using this approach a group of illiterate adults learned how to read in 2 weeks!) The program was condensed from the highly successful classroom program, Action Reading, developed by Dr. George Cureton.

The program is taught by Jeanie Eller, one of America's leading...