Introducing the Literacy Pod

It's In Code!

English is 97% phonetic. You cannot read or spell well if you do not know the code: the 26 letters, 44 sounds and the 70 ways to write those sounds. That's all there is to it. There is one surefire way to get that code down, Action Reading Fundamentals.

Action Reading Fundamentals is an intensive systematic phonics program designed to teach reading, improve comprehension, spelling and penmanship. (Using this approach a group of illiterate adults learned how to read in 2 weeks!) The Fundamentals program was condensed from the highly successful classroom program, ACTION READING, developed by Dr. George Cureton.

The program is taught by Jeanie Eller, one of America's leading reading specialists and literacy consultants. This program is unique in that you know from the start you're going to learn the 26 letters, 44 sounds and 70 ways to write those sounds. You have a goal and you won't believe how quickly this goal will be accomplished.

This Complete Language Arts Program teaches:

  • Phonics (26-44-70™)
  • Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Handwriting
  • Content Analysis
  • Listening Skills

These are taught in a systematic, logical, intensive phonics environment enabling the student to read real literature. Action Reading Fundamentals follows the seven steps supported by 1.2 Billion in research by The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Students begin by learning how our alphabetic system of reading and writing was invented. They learn the sound symbol relationships of English and how these sounds are used to make words. Students progress to sentences and then to stories (always reading for meaning and comprehension).

All learning modalities are used so that neither visual learners nor auditory learners miss out.

The student is encouraged to use all the senses that reinforce the learning process—the more senses you use, the faster you learn!

Action Reading Fundamentals provides the reading results educational systems need in order to meet the new mandatory reading skills now required by many states.

This new edition, replacing the "Action Reading" offering, over 10 hours of instruction—90 more minutes than Action Reading—and more games and more lessons.

Suitable for:

  • Elementary School
  • Adult Ed
  • Remedial Reading Programs
  • Parents to teach children the skill of reading before entering school

You may have seen Jeanie and Dr. Cureton on the Oprah programs where Action Reading Fundamentals was used to teach a group of illiterate adults to read in 2 weeks!

  • Economical This is the only program you'll need to learn to read.
  • Auditory Skills Learn sounds that go together to make words.
  • Visual Skills Learn symbols that we write to represent words.
  • Kinesthetic Skills Learn all 70 phonograms through art, music, games, dance, whole body activities, action and competition.
  • Picture Cues Used only to introduce sounds.
  • No Sight Words English is 97% phonetic!
  • Comprehension Teaches to read for meaning from the very first word.

The new Literacy Pod is a dedicated audio player with full systematic phonics audio instruction (the Action Reading Fundamentals course with Power Spelling), the introductory overview video is on the player and an included DVD. Included in the package are two workbooks, one for reading and one for spelling as well as cards and games for reinforcement. Includes everything needed to learn to read, write and spell using intensive systematic phonics — 26-44-70™.

"I am extremely excited about the potential this program has to change the face of education and long term futures for children and adults across the country. Parents and teachers who are in the trenches every day, recognized a wonderful program when they saw one. They were simply fed up with the idea that children cannot be taught to read well and took the matter into their own hands. Action Reading is the solution to illiteracy."

Charles Smith, President, Montgomery Council of PTA, Montgomery, AL.