Introducing the Literacy Pod

Student Literacy in Three Months

We've all seen or heard about the stats on literacy in America—We know they are dismal. They are bad! The so-called "attempts" to fix the problem have come to pretty much lower standards to make the bad stats look good.

The "spin" is, "He got a D but he only had to get an F to pass - so he's ahead!" Let me say this now... Literacy (reading and spelling) is a learned skill, some pick it up faster than others but it's something that has to be taught. If the student got a "D" he was not taught—don't pass the buck off that "he was unteachable", "bad resources", "it's to hard for them". All that garbage. He just wasn't taught.

In 1994 Jeanie Eller appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and shared the fact that 12 illiterate adults were taught to read and spell in 2 weeks. These 12 illiterate adults were made literate (taught to read) in 2 weeks using the 26, 44, 70 "Phonicgram" method taught in the Action Reading Reading Fundamentals course.

Action Reading Fundamentals has received the highest accreditation from The Right to Read Foundation and uses the systematic approach found necessary in the 200 million dollar literacy research program to teach reading and spelling.

Now here's how we get literacy in all our schools in only 3 months: Each school day, in home room, before we start any other lesson, every student in every grade would "Chinese School" the 26 letters, the 44 sounds and the 70 ways to write those sounds—the "Phonicgrams".

The "Chinese School" method is as follows: The teacher says the sound out loud. Then the students repeat what was said back to the teacher. (This could even be done over the PA each morning.) Doing this along with their regular English studies could put literacy in every grade in no time at all. Or, we put the Action Reading Fundamentals program in our schools and begin each student each morning in homeroom doing the full program. Either way we get literacy NOW!

Are you familiar with the literacy triangle? Well it looks like this:

At the tip of the triangle are 26 letters. In the middle are 44 sounds. At the base of the triangle are the 70 ways to write those sounds. That's the Literacy Triangle: 26 letters, 44 sounds, and 70 ways to write those sounds. Now here's how you use the triangle: Most people know the 26 letters, but few know the 44 sounds and even fewer the 70 ways to write those sounds. If you know the 26 letters you're only at the tip of the triangle. If you know the 44 sounds you're at the middle of the triangle and if you know the 70 ways to write those sounds, you have conquered the "Foundation of Literacy".

Have you seen the 70 ways to write the sounds in a Chart? Well that chart is called the Phonicgram Chart. Systematic studying and using this chart is one of the only sure-fire methods of getting all 70 ways to write the sounds down cold.

Once you have these down cold you have literacy. Literacy in 3 months—folks, Jeanie Eller did it in 2 weeks on Oprah!