Introducing the Literacy Pod

We Can Teach "Johnny" To Read and Spell No Matter How Old He Is

More and more parents and adult learners are turning to home-based self-teaching courses to supplement what they and/or their children are not getting in the school system or through other forms of group instruction. This is especially true of reading as too many school systems have turned away from phonics based reading instruction to other methods that have proven ineffective!

The previous President poured billions of dollars and placed millions of volunteers into schools but that won't solve the "illiteracy scam." The government is diverting attention away from phonics in favor of the "whole language" method by requiring it under President Clinton's Goals 2000 program. However, research in reading instruction shows conclusively that the whole language method does not work.

More than 1.2 billion was spent in research by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, proves that phonics is the best way to teach reading. In fact, it has been proven time and time again that direct, systematic instruction about the alphabetic code is the most powerful weapon in the fight against illiteracy. Any responsible linguist, teacher, parent, or cognitive scientist in the research community would agree. It is possible to teach someone to read in two weeks with phonics yet the government wants it to take 8 years or more. The only thing this does is make more money for textbook manufacturers. What's more important - making money or giving people the tools to be successful in life? The answer should be obvious.

In September, 1993, the most detailed portrait ever available on the condition of illiteracy in this nation was released by the U.S. Department of Education. The National Adult Literacy Survey (ALS) evaluated the skills of adults in three areas: prose, document and quantitative proficiency. Results showed:

  • 23% - 25% (40 to 44 million adults) were at Level 1, the lowest of five levels. This group is the Adult Literacy Service's primary target population—those we refer to as functionally illiterate.
  • 25% - 28% (50 million adults) were at the second lowest level.

According to the Executive Summary, "While their skills were more varied than those of individuals in Level 1, their repertoire was still quite limited."

The literary proficiencies of young adults were found to be somewhat lower, on average, than the proficiencies of young adults who participated in a 1985 study (the National Assessment of Educational Progress).

The statistics make it clear: Illiteracy is on the increase in the United States. The Office of Technology Assessment (OAT), an analytical arm of the U.S. Congress, stated in a 1993 report:

"Standards and requirements for literacy have increased over time and a large number of adults need to improve their literacy skills. OAT finds that at least 35 million adults have difficulty with common literacy tasks. Although many of these adults can read at rudimentary levels, they need higher levels of literacy to function effectively in society, to find employment, or to be trained for new jobs as the workplace changes... Fewer than 10% of the population in need is being reached."

Why Johnny Can't Read (1955) and Why Johnny Still Can't Read (1981) by Rudolf Franz Flesch, raised public awareness of a planned illiteracy (Chapter 2 "History of a Gimmick", Chapter 4 "The Great Cover up") which could never have happened had our parents known the alphabetic code. The best way to end just about anything is to let everyone know all about it.

If parents know the alphabetic code this will never happen again. What is the "Alphabetic Code"? Well, it starts off like this: There are 26 letters in the English language, which make 44 sounds and 70 ways to write those sounds.

Now I'm sure you know the 26 letters, but do you know the 44 sounds they make and the 70 ways to write them? That is the "Alphabetic Code - 26, 44, and 70. Know this and we all win.

The Action Reading Fundamentals multimedia phonics reading course was developed from the highly successful classroom program, "Action Reading," developed by Dr. George Cureton. This fabulous home-based reading course is taught by Jeanie Eller, one of America's leading reading specialists and literacy consultants. Action Reading Fundamentals is as effective for adults needing to improve their reading skills as it is for elementary students learning to read for the first time.

The Literacy Pod includes over ten hours of audio instruction encompassing both Action Reading Fundamentals and Power Spelling, a 30 minute introductory Video, a 100 page workbook, as well as cards and games for reinforcement. The Literacy Pod includes everything needed to learn to read from scratch using intensive systematic phonics—26-44-70.

Jeanie Eller taught a group of illiterate adults to read in 2 weeks on the Oprah Winfrey Show, March 25, 1994. Action Reading Fundamentals is one of only three phonics reading programs recommended in the October 1996 issue of Parents Magazine.

Jeanie Eller holds a Master's Degree in Education and has been developing her method of teaching people to read since 1964. She has taught kindergarten through graduate-level university classes. Currently, she works as a consultant, training parents and teachers all over the nation. She has been recognized by the National Right to Read Foundation for having one of the best methods available for teaching people to read.

Jeanie is hailed as "The First Lady of American Literacy" for her private war against faulty learning methods and government interference in the education process. As a member of the National Education Association, Jeanie was faced with the fact that the organization, originally started as a place for young teachers to learn the latest techniques, was in reality becoming more interested in the latest ways to make money. This set her off on her passionate crusade to wipe out illiteracy on her own.

Jeanie has traveled nationwide teaching people how to read and instructing other teachers on how to get greater results from their students. She has been featured in several publications including "The American Journal of Citizenship Policy Review" and "The Arizona Republic" and her appearance on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" awakened the nation to the "illiteracy scam."

The key to Jeanie Eller's phonetic approach is by incorporating all of the learning senses. It systematically teaches the sounds and patterns of our language. Not only how to read but how to spell. This is the 26, 44, 70 alphabetic code way.

The Spelling Program features Jeanie Eller's SPELL POWER -- it holds the secrets to learning to spell with POWER! It's simple, fast, painless and has been proven effective with adults and children alike, since it was designed for all age groups. Many of us are embarrassed and apologize for our odd word fabrications. The traditional method of teaching spelling was memorization which was ineffective as well as frustrating. Who can memorize 500,000 words in the English language? The Spell Power program is designed to improve your spelling by teaching you the phonics-based strategies of good spellers. The 51 page workbook and audio teach at the learner's own pace to become the power speller he or she wants to be.

With programs such as these we can all help in handling this "illiteracy scam" and thus wipe out illiteracy. It is our duty as Beings to handle something this bad if we can. Well, we can. So pick up your duty at your doors and let's all end this once and for all. Okay, everyone, all together now: "There are 26 letters, 44 sounds and 70 ways to write those sounds." Know them, use them, and we will all win.